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Combodia cuisine

Bai Sach Chrouk

Overview Served early mornings on street corners all over Cambodia, bai sach chrouk, or pork and rice, is one of the simplest and most delicious dishes the...
Cambodian Porridge

Overview Weather in country of temples always hot and people do Thot Cambodian porridge is extremely precious to them, precisely because the country is a Thot tree...
Cambodian Cuisine


Cambodian architecture

The house of the local people in ancient Khmer was more or less similar to...
Cambodia is predominantly Buddhist

Introduction This article provide infomation about religion of Cambodia. Cambodia is predominantly Buddhist with 90% of the...
Cambodia music

Cambodia is a country that is rich in art and culture, and one of the...
Cambodia Festivals & Events

Cambodia festivals & events – many of which are based on religious observation. The meaning...
Cambodia travel guide

Kingdom of Cambodia  Population: 14.7 million Capital City: Phnom Penh (Pop: 2 million) People: Khmers (90%) Language: Khmer Currency: Riel...